Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

“Diets and gyms don’t work”. It’s true – they don’t work. YOU work.


Diet guidelines and gymnasium facilities can be your tools for weight loss, but the willpower and the strength of purpose come from you. Hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can create lasting changes in your mind-set and lifestyle. The more power you have within, the less you’ll rely on the tools.


Weight loss programmes are designed for each individual and will therefore be unique. These are the issues addressed over a period of six sessions:


  • Motivation for weight loss. What are your goals? What changes would you like to make to your lifestyle?
  • History. What problems have you had in the past that have made weight loss difficult for you to achieve?
  • Self-image. How do you view yourself? Do you have faith in your ability to succeed?
  • Relationship with food. What are your eating patterns? Do you have cravings? How do you respond to cravings?
  • Physical activity. Find the motivation to be active. Take up a new sport. Enjoy exercising.
Weight loss, cognitive

Your weight loss programme will be tailored to your needs and abilities, and your plan will be realistic and achievable. Your new, positive habits will allow a more confident you to move on into the future.