How Can Hypnotherapy Help Alcohol Rehabilitation?


How Can Hypnotherapy Help Alcohol Rehabilitation?

People struggling with alcohol addictions are more commonly turning to Hypnotherapy for help. Alcohol addiction charities and the medical field are giving hypnosis even more credibility now than ever before.

Over 90% of the population in the UK drink alcohol to some extent. For most people it is fun and reduces our inhibitions allowing social situations to be easier. Some like to unwind with their favourite tipple and enjoy that warm glow. However, everything seems “amazing” until the next morning when you wake up with a hangover or drained of energy.

Now I don’t need to go on about the negatives of alcohol, most of us know this. Each individual has their own side effects, mentally and physically. So I don’t like to judge a client but rather work with their own strengths on their own challenges.

How do I know that I have an alcohol problem?

For most people, alcohol in moderation is relatively harmless. There are guidelines laid out by the World Health Organisation which you can find explained here;

However, most people don’t seek help until something happens in their life that highlights a problem. For instance, relationship issues, being arrested for drink driving or health issues.

How can hypnotherapy help my alcohol problem?

Before any treatment or therapy, it is important that the client really wants to stop drinking and give up their bad habits. If this is not the case, then treatment is unlikely to work. Secondly, it is important to have a medical assessment. This is because a medical detox is often required. Hypnotherapy can support a client going through a detox. Afterwards, hypnotherapy can help ensure that the client stays away from alcohol in the future. The client is shown how to change their mind set towards alcohol. Following this, techniques are taught by your therapist, on how to keep the cravings away, should they return. All the time the client is empowered to take control back in their lives.

I can assure you a confidential and supportive treatment. Your therapy plan is personal to you, depending on your needs. This can be discussed with me before any treatment commences. I offer free telephone consultations and I am always happy to discuss how I can help you.

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