How Can Hypnotherapy Help Sexual Problems?

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help Sexual Problems?

Sexual problems can be due to numerous reasons. These can be physical, psychological or both. Difficulties can range from lack of desire, arousal challenges, orgasm difficulties or pain before, during and after intimacy. Both males and females can experience these problems and they can occur at any time in life.  They can lead to a whole host of negative feelings including reduced self-esteem and a sense of hopelessness. Sexual problems can also lead to embarrassment and feelings of guilt which could have an adverse effect on relationships. For both men and women, these conditions may appear as an aversion to, and avoidance of, sexual contact with a partner. The effect this can have on relationships can be quite damaging.

How Do I Address My Sexual Problem?

First, it is important to see your GP to address or rule out any physical reasons that may be effecting your sexual difficulty. Emotional factors affecting sex can be within the individual. For instance, past trauma, negative sexual associations, guilt, fear or depression. However, there may be relationship problems, lack of trust or communication difficulties that are contributing factors.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Hypnotherapy can help address any emotional and psychological issues. It aims to correct the root cause of the problem to enable you to find complete freedom from your issues. As each person and each problem is unique, clients are treated on an individual basis. Hypnotherapy can help you regain your self esteem, enabling you to feel and be confident. Your therapist can give you tools and techniques to address any underlying causes.

Within my sessions I facilitate a relaxed and informal environment. I encourage clients to discuss their problems freely in a way that is comfortable to them. My therapy sessions are strictly confidential and are carried out in a non-judgemental manor.  If you would like any more information with regards to how I can help you, then please feel free to call me.

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