Is Hypnotherapy The Answer To Wellbeing In The Workplace?

Hypnotherapy, workplace

Is Hypnotherapy The Answer To Wellbeing In The Workplace?

Is Hypnotherapy The Answer To Wellbeing In The Workplace?


Hypnotherapy could be your answer to supporting your employees wellbeing in the workplace.  Focusing on the wellbeing of your workforce isn’t merely a sign of an altruistic senior management, it makes good business sense. Happy, healthy employees perform better, and so it’s in your interests to help them achieve that state.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that 526,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, anxiety or depressions in 2016/17, and that 12.5 million working days were lost during that time due to these same issues. You cannot escape the fact that human beings have problems that affect their work, but you can change how your business handles them.

I often collaborate with other businesses that have peoples best interests at heart. One such business is Hill Coaching Company (HCC). They recently demonstrated how I support their coaching and take care of well being within the workplace. This is what HCC had to say.

At HCC, our aim is help you develop a strengths-based culture in your workplace, one that harnesses the strengths and motivations of each member of staff, and boosts productivity and, therefore, profit. Often during this process, we discover issues that require professional help that is outside our area of expertise. That’s when we call on our trusted network to step in.

Introducing Lorraine Grant

Hypnotherapist Lorraine Grant is one such expert, and the work she does with people can be life-changing. Despite the respect afforded to leading hypnotherapists like Paul McKenna, who has a host of famous clients that swear by his techniques, there is still some suspicion about how effective this treatment can be. However, when you have an employee in crisis who may be signed-off with stress, or struggling to perform in their role, why wouldn’t you try an alternative approach like hypnotherapy? For a small investment in Lorraine’s services, the results can be transformative.

How hypnotherapy works

In a nutshell hypnotherapy works by putting the patient into a state of relaxation that allows the hypnotherapist to speak directly to the subconscious mind.

“My sessions begin with a conversation about what’s troubling the patient,” explains Lorraine. “We investigate the problem, break it down into components and then look at what we want to achieve through therapy.”

“The sessions are enlightening for both the patient and for me. You’ll find historic issues that are hard-wired into the subconscious and releasing them is the first step to recovery. It can be deeply emotional, especially when you look at pain rooted in childhood, but addressing it helps treat the problem. It takes between four to six sessions to complete the hypnotherapy treatment, and the speed of the process means change happens quickly which is beneficial to people signed off sick.”

How hypnotherapy can benefit the workplace

It treats the source of the problem, instead of just managing the symptoms like medication does.

– By identifying triggering events and the underlying emotions, hypnotherapy works to neutralise them.
– Through accessing the subconscious mind and the information stored there, hypnotherapists can work quickly to break patterns of stress and anxiety.
– Through a small number of sessions, the patient feels in control of their emotions and able to manage them.
– This process gives employees a good chance to return to work feeling able to manage their stress and anxiety issues in a healthy way.

Why HCC recommends hypnotherapy 

We strongly believe that an investment in your workforce’s wellbeing is vital in modern business practice. It costs companies a lot of money to have people signed off with stress and anxiety, either because they have to pay for cover, or because colleagues have to take on extra work which affects their performance. Faced with the prospect of a member of your staff being signed off for months, it seems like a no-brainer to try different approaches to get them well and back to work. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective – and efficient – ways to treat stress and anxiety, and Lorraine is an exceptional practitioner.

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