Overcome Having Your Picture Taken With Hypnotherapy

Overcome Having Your Picture Taken With Hypnotherapy

Some people hate having their picture taken. Many would prefer to stay on the other side of the camera, being the one taking the pictures of everyone else. On the rare occasion someone else does get a hold of a camera and snap a picture, the finished result usually ends up with a turned away face. The fear of having your picture taken is really quite common. There are millions of people that simply are not comfortable or have high levels of anxiety when someone tries to take their picture

It might be just as hard to explain this fear of being photographed to yourself as it is explaining it to other people. After all, everyone’s doing it! It’s fun! It’s a great way to be remembered with your family and friends. What’s wrong with getting your picture taken at a family reunion? Don’t you want to be remembered as part of the family? But yet when that camera is staring right at you panic sets in! All you know is you don’t want any part of it and you want out of your situation immediately. Away from that camera. Also, what happens when you need that professional headshot? Standing there in front of a camera all by yourself, can be an even more daunting experience.

Maybe you’ve tried to come to terms with yourself and rationalize your feelings. Perhaps it’s because you always hate being photographed because you think you never look good in a picture. Maybe you feel that people will judge you on how your photograph turns out. Or even you just can’t stand the idea that you will have no control who will see your picture. Perhaps you have absolutely no idea why you don’t like your picture taken.

Does Hypnotherapy Help?

Yes! You can really be more comfortable and relaxed. You can break free from emotional barriers that have been holding you back from being photographed. Also you can learn highly effective and enjoyable techniques that will can enable you to be more at ease. Therefore, social occasions become more enjoyable and professional photos become less daunting.

If you have had enough of being uncomfortable at having your picture taken and would like to be more relaxed, then contact me, Lorraine Grant, to see how I can help you.
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