Pain Management

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

During my nursing career, I learned that people experience pain in different ways. The anticipation of pain might be a fear of the unknown or a dread of the familiar. For some, living with pain can cause angry resentment; for others, a depressive weariness.


Chronic pain can be disabling, taking over day-to-day living. Lack of sleep leaves a sufferer less resilient to anxiety and to the pain itself. Relationships are put under strain, working becomes difficult or impossible  and life becomes all about the pain.


Through pain management hypnotherapy, I teach techniques for managing chronic pain. Relaxation, in itself, is beneficial, because many sufferers say that their pain is more severe when they are anxious or stressed. Simple relaxation techniques and visualisation exercises enable a sufferer to alleviate the pain to some degree.

pain management

Acute pain, and the anticipation of it, can cause a lot of anxiety. I teach people to manage their fear of forthcoming medical procedures, including dental work, wound dressing, and giving birth. As a nurse, I have had first-hand experience of the most distressing medical procedures, and I have worked closely with those who have had to endure them.


But it’s not just the anxiety that needs to be addressed. Pain associated with cancer, phantom limbs, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and some medical procedures can be tolerable for some people, yet unbearable for others. I teach techniques that give people the tools they need to cope with the trauma of acute pain.


In our sessions, we will discuss the pain itself. How you describe your pain will enable me to create strategies tailored to you, as an individual. And we’ll talk about your expectations, so that we can focus on realistic and achievable goals.

I use hypnotherapy to bring about constructive behavioural changes by modifying the processes of the subconscious part of the mind. Hypnotherapy can significantly help with pain management and return you to a far better quality of life.